Great Flavor,
Great Nutrition

When my brother and I were growing up in South America, beans and legumes were always part of our everyday meals. It was only as an adult and later as a mother that I realized the importance of continuing that tradition with my family. Now I want to bring these products to your table, to your family.

Our Products are versatile, they can be eaten alone or as side dishes and they come ready to eat, from your freezer to your table in minutes, making it easy to incorporate these ancient nutrition packed foods to your diets. They are a natural source of potassium, magnesium, iron, folate, zinc and are packed with lean protein and soluble fiber. These recipes cater to both vegan and non-vegan households.

Gluten Free

Organic Beans

No Preservatives
No Artificial Favor or Color


Our Mission

We simplify meals by giving our customers the convenience of a ready to eat bean product packed with the vibrancy of flavors and nutrition that will give you the energy and health you need in your life.